[Bioperl-l] update PLATFORMS file

Robert Buels rbuels at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 01:35:00 UTC 2009

Taking this to bioperl-l:

koenvanderdrift at gmail.com said:

The PLATFORMS document contains a *very* outdated link on how to install
bioperl on Macs. Please remove this link: "Steve Cannon has made available
Bioperl OS X installation directions and notes online at the following URL:    

------- Comment #1 from cjfields at bioperl.org  2009-07-09 21:18 EST -------
I think we could actually remove this file completely.  It hasn't been updated
in quite a while and any information it contains would probably serve a better
purpose elsewhere.

So, remove the PLATFORMS file?  Is all of the stuff in there on the wiki?


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