[Bioperl-l] Found dead links in PDoc and a little improvement

Oliver Pelz oliverpelz at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 7 17:24:38 UTC 2008

Hello everybody,
I am a beginner in bioperl and currently working heavily with the PDoc's.

In this doc here:

the two links to the EBI in the description field are dead. I have looked to
find other information
but there is nothing available about this pseudo embl format.
Has someone the old descriptions and can edit/paste them in this

Another thing would help beginners.
At the Bio::SeqIO documentation there are those examples for world fastest
... converter.
It would be cool to add a $out->close() to those examples because I was very
frustrated in the
beginning when the outfiles were empty after the script had finished.

Thanks for reading


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