[Bioperl-l] Help : Imagemaps using Bio::Graphics

Shameer Khadar shameer at ncbs.res.in
Tue May 1 16:04:13 UTC 2007

Dear Scot,

> There is a fair amount of documentation in the perldoc for
> Bio::Graphics::Panel under the section called 'Creating Imagemaps'; have
> you read that?

I agreed, but I couldnt the exact information I needed :( (may be I missed
something important).

>  Also, for changing the scale, that should happen
> automatically--have you tried yet?

I tried by changing the Lincoln's program eg: blast3.pl
my $full_length = Bio::SeqFeature::Generic->new(-start=>1,-end=>1000);
 to my
$full_length = Bio::SeqFeature::Generic->new(-start=>1,-end=>300);

But it had given me a smaller scale of length upto 300. I was looking for
an option where I need same width and height of given image and a dynamic
start and end values depending on length of my sequence. Since I couldnt
accomplish, I thought of getting some help from you guys. I think I need
to play a little bit with the value for reformat the scale to accomodate
my hits as well.

Thanks a lot for your inputs,
Shameer Khadar
Lab (# 25) The Computational Biology Group
National Centre for Biological Sciences (TIFR)
GKVK Campus, Bellary Road, Bangalore - 65, Karnataka - India
T - 91-080-23666001 EXT - 6251
W - http://www.ncbs.res.in

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