[Bioperl-l] project ideas

Jason Stajich jason@cgt.mc.duke.edu
Tue Jan 21 16:51:22 EST 2003

For all you budding bioperl developers project ideas include:

* Writing a SearchIO plugin for blastz parsing

* re-writing Bio::SeqIO::bsml to use SAX events instead of
  XML::DOM, note that a big project that needs to be done design event
  based parsing framework for Bio::SeqIO in the same way Bio::SearchIO was

* Always need folks to design more test cases that make it into the
  t/ tests.  Bio::SeqIO could really use a lot more test cases for all the
  information that is in a sequence file.  This is especially important
  as genbank rolls out new changes to the file format.

Jason Stajich
Duke University
jason at cgt.mc.duke.edu

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