[Bioperl-l] Clustalw && large sequence number

Christopher J Moressi cmoressi@engineering.uiowa.edu
Thu Jan 16 21:46:41 EST 2003

Mrs Li.

That is a large amount of sequences all right. I was wondering if you could
give me the version of Clustalw you are using. I know one of the older
version had some memory problems which in some operation systems would cause
a core dump. Also, what are the error/debug information are you receiving
from the program?

If you feel ambitious, you might try using gdb to check were the problem may
be. It wont take much time to figure out what piece of code is causing the
problem, however, figuring out what it is doing and why will take some


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 I have clustalw run in my Red Hat 8.0 of IBM eServer
 which has 6 G memory. But I failed to get the
done if sequence number is big, like, 4000 sequences.
 Any  idea?

 Thank you very much.


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