[Bioperl-l] Bioperl install on Windows XP

Brian Osborne brian_osborne@cognia.com
Tue Jan 14 14:26:41 EST 2003


I've been quite happy running Cygwin, the Unix emulator, with Windows 2000.
Bioperl 1.2 runs perfectly well in this environment. The only problem would
be if you wanted to use bioperl-pipeline which requires DBD::mysql. It's not
trivial to configure this though Mysql itself is accessible through cygwin.
The first step would be to install Cygwin, see www.cygwin.com. I'd have to
say that Cygwin's bash or tcsh is far superior to the Windows Command

Brian O.

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How can I install Bioperl on windows running ActiveState Perl
5.8 since the PPM is different and not working?

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