[Bioperl-l] Re: branch/trunk fixes

Ewan Birney birney@ebi.ac.uk
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 19:24:43 +0000 (GMT)

On Thu, 22 Mar 2001, Hilmar Lapp wrote:

> I and probably no-one else particularly like to apply every fix on
> both the main trunk and branch. Ideally we can apply it to only
> one of both, and some time later merge the fixes into the other
> branch using cvs -j.

I fix on the stable branch and then use the cvs -j syntax (myself) to move
to the main trunk.

ie. cvs -j is a useful tool, but the policy should still be (in my
view) the responsibility of the developer.

> 1) Is there some experience whether this works nicely, or do you
> usually run into trouble?
> 2) Which of branch and main trunk is the 'right' one to fix (on
> which one should the merge be made?)?
> 3) If we go this route, we probably should keep a file somewhere
> in the repository that lists the files to be merged, and everyone
> who makes changes is supposed to add the module to that list if
> he/she wants his/her changes to be merged over.
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