[Bioperl-l] BPLite Question

Wiepert, Mathieu Wiepert.Mathieu@mayo.edu
Fri, 16 Mar 2001 07:51:21 -0600

I had a question about BPLite, specifically in Sbjct.pm.  There is a line
(114 in my non word wrapped editor) that reads:

    if ($_ =~ /^WARNING:|^NOTE:/) {

I don't have a large sample set to know if there are lines that begin with
WARNING: or have NOTE: in them, separating or among the alignment lines in
Blast outputs.  I just wanted to double check to see if the line should be:

$_ =~ /^(WARNING:|NOTE:)/

Like I say, I am not familiar with all the blast outputs, but I thought I
should check. 

Mathieu Wiepert
Medical Information Resources
Mayo Foundation
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