[Bioperl-l] throwing in the towel

Ewan Birney birney@ebi.ac.uk
Thu, 1 Mar 2001 08:20:03 +0000 (GMT)

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Jason Stajich wrote:

> I've done all I can do today, was really hoping that we could have
> something ready to release on March 1, don't know if that can be met now.
> So far I have tested on IRIX, Solaris, FreeBSD, and Linux and all things
> run well.
> 3 sticking points which I can actually replicate on WinNT.  These all seem
> to be IO related.  
> a) Tempfile creation is failing on WinNT.  I don't know why.  It only
> happens in strangly particular cases, but only 1/2 the tests pass on
> t/Tempfile.t.  We tried really hard to be generic here and write the code
> as general as possible, but I see that we still didn't clear that hurdle.
> b) Index.t is failing on Bio::Index::AbstractSeq fetch.  I can't find a
> reason for this other than something to do with file handles or the DBM
> stuff.  It fails on a retrieve though and since it works on UNIX I am
> inclined to think that the DBM implementation is not quite up to snuff on
> NT?

This happens to me on badly-set up UNIX boxes. 

> c) GDB.t doesn't seem to be very happy.  Again I cannot seem to trace the
> problem, I attempted to make the module fairly generic, but I see that
> didn't actually work either.  I'm fine with dropping it from the release
> or at least disabling the tests if we cannot fix it.  I'd rather it not
> hold up the release though. 

Let's go with a test-disable here. Hilmar - thoughts?

> -Jason
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