Bioperl: some problems I've encountered with site and distro

Steve Chervitz (Steve A. Chervitz)
Fri, 19 May 2000 13:42:37 -0700 (PDT)

Chris Dagdigian writes:
 > Hi folks,
 > Can someone confirm that the 0.6.1 bugfix release was built straight from the "release-06" branch
 > in our CVS repository? I cannot update the module documentation on the website until I know
 > what branch I should be running through the pod2html program.

Use the branch-06 tag. We've been trying to adopt the convention that
all branch tags contain the word "branch". 

Now that 0.6.1 is out, we should tag this branch with "release-061".

 > Also I've noticed 2 problems:
 > o nobody is updating the Changes file in our distribution. Email is not good enough :) this
 > info needs to get put into CVS as soon as possible as the current Changes file is current only
 > up to the 05 release!

What we need is a pre-release and post-release checklist. A while back 
I promised to write this up and put it on I'll see what I
can do...

 > o The VSNS web archives of our mailing list seem to have stopped in April. There is no archive of
 > posts for May 2000 that I can find. This means that I cannot link to the accounce email
 > off our website as is my usual practice for the "News" section.
 > Than again a broken list archiver should give me the motivation I need to finally move
 > all our lists over to the GNU MailMan system we have running :)

Glad you're looking into it. Have you also seen the recent spam that has been 
coming through bioperl-bugs? We should stop this before it gets out of 

Another thing to look into is a web interface to our cvs tree. 
Check out ViewCVS:

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