Bioperl: bioperl-corba-release-0.1 coming up

Jason Stajich
Thu, 11 May 2000 15:57:44 -0400 (EDT)

I will try (with Ewan's help) to have release-0.1 of bioperl-corba-client
and bioperl-corba-server ready by the middle of next week.

Current working version of the code is available as always through cvs as
bioperl-corba-client and bioperl-corba-server.  It is much closer to
public consumption than before - I am still adding POD and a howto doc.

Currently we have bioperl-corba-server which contains classes
that provide server-side bioperl functionality while complying
with the biocorba idl.

Bio::CorbaServer::Base - (like Bio::Root::Object )
Bio::CorbaServer::PrimarySeqIterator (sort of like Bio::SeqIO)
Bio::CorbaServer::PrimarySeqDB    (sort of like Bio::DB)
Bio::CorbaServer::SeqDB           (sort of like Bio::DB)

bioperl-corba-client provides client side access to corba objects which
should behave the same as their bioperl counterparts.

Bio::CorbaClient::Base - same idea as CorbaServer::Base

Bio::DB::Biocorba - provide Bio::DB access to a Biocorba SeqDB
Bio::SeqIO::biocorba - provide Bio::SeqIO access to a Biocorba

Preliminary tests have been run to test SeqDBs on different platforms and
flavors of CORBA (and consequently Seq and PrimarySeqs).  More testing
needs to be done with the intention of catching memory leaks and
performance problems.

Sucessful tests for the following (with ORB flavor listed): 

  Java Server <-> Java Client (OMG CORBA)
  Java Server <-> Perl Client "  "
  Java Client <-> Perl Server "  "
  Perl Client <-> Perl Server CORBA::ORBit 
  Python Client <-> Perl Server ( fnorb and omniorb, with some 
				  ORB specific problems )
  Python Server <-> Perl Client  " "

Ewan - Feel free to clarify or add to this.

Jason Stajich
Center for Human Genetics
Duke University Medical Center
(919)684-1806 (office)
(919)684-2275 (fax)

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