Chris Dagdigian
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 11:50:01 -0500

Everybody I've run across seems to have their own internal Blast/Fasta scripts & modules for 
starting, parsing and HTMLifying searches. The problem is that very few of them have been put 
into the public domain. The public stuff out there is mostly scattered across individual web 
pages and is pretty hard to locate. 

We need to get a and a into CPAN for the individual scientists who don't have 
the time or programming staff to reinvent the wheel.

My group (at GI) has a nice object oriented module that is pretty flexible. I'll put it 
up somewhere if people are willing to comment on it. If it seems useful I am confident that I 
can get 'official' permission from my company to put it in the public domain.

Even gathering a bunch of similar modules from different people/sources and making them 
available via CPAN would be nice. People could then pick and choose what makes sense for them.

Chris Dagdigian
Genetics Institute

> I am wondering if anyone has started working on a BLAST module.  I am
> interested in converting alot of the work I have done into modules and would
> like some feedback before I put time into such a project.
> --Joe Ryan
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