Bioperl: POD tips

Chris Dagdigian
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 16:46:37 -0500

First things first, excellent job on organizing the RFI response.  As I said
earlier I have a scheduling conflict with the NJ meeting but I have notified
people at work of my intent to attend future meetings of the LSR-DSIG meetings.
It helps that our company is evaluating CORBA in general.

> I like your new organization of the POD for 
> The table of contents listing at the top of the file should be standard 
> for all Perl modules.


It's a new and improved version of 'pod2html' the previous version was a
nightmare when it came to producing cleanly formatted HTML...this version is
much better and builds the index by default.  BTW- I am using Perl version
5.004_01 under Digital Unix.

> It might be best to rename your fancy html file packaged with the 
>distribution something other than "" because running 
> pod2html will clobber it with a version which lacks the contents listing.  

In the next distribution I'll call it 'PreSeq.html'.

> I'm hoping you will tell me you have a modified version of pod2html (or 
> another utility) that can do this automatically.  I've got alot of modules 
> that need updating!

You should just be able to upgrade your version of perl..I had to do a bit of
editing to the .PM files to get things to work but it was fairly painless.

Chris Dagdigian
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