BioWidget meeting, sponsorship & Bio::PreSeq

Steven E. Brenner
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 14:58:53 +0900 (JST)

> On the topic of corporate sponsorship -- GI wasn't seeking
> recognition when I suggested '' its just that I
> have control over DNS entries inside the domain so
> setting up such a site would be pretty easy.  It would basically be
> "my" machine.  

That's fine.  I just wanted to note that acknowledgement that GI is
providing the resources is fine, but I would be unhappy if GI advertised
or appeared to be claiming ownership incommensuarate with its

In the (wonderful) case that they start large-scale development of bioperl
code as you suggest might happen, then certainly GI should be clearly

> On another note-- I'm currently stuck with a dumb but vexing
> problem...after renaming Bio::Seq and associated files to Bio::PreSeq
> all my test scripts broke..I keep getting "empty class with no
> methods" type errors.  Perl seems to find OK but than is
> unable to make use of it. The only changes I made were renaming
> to and changing the Package name to Bio::PreSeq
> inside the file.  I'll keep plugging away.

I think there must be some variety of the annoying "dumb mistake" here --
the sort which you can stare at a hundred times and never see, but which
is noticed immediately when someone looks over your shoulder.  Want to put
the code code on your site and see if I can see any "obvious" problems?