[Bioperl-announce-l] BioPerl leadership additions

Steve Chervitz sac at bioperl.org
Tue Feb 27 17:59:22 UTC 2007

Welcome to the club, Chris & Sendu. Always good to have an infusion of new
blood and capable, motivated hands.


On 2/26/07, Jason Stajich <jason at bioperl.org> wrote:
> Dear BioPerl Users and Developers,
> I want to announce a addition in the leadership of BioPerl.
> Christopher Fields and and Sendu Bala are now members of the BioPerl
> Core developer group to recognize their ongoing leadership in the
> project.  Chris and Sendu were instrumental in the 1.5.2 Developer
> release and have made a significant commitment and contribution to
> the quality of the code and the documentation of the project.  We
> have invited them to be part of the core to recognize their work and
> to feel comfortable to ask them to do more. ;-)
> The Core group was established to insure that someone was responsible
> for making code releases, vetting new developers for CVS write
> accounts, and generally dealing with things that might otherwise slip
> through the cracks.  We are very excited to have more people
> contributing to and maintaining the toolkit.  We look forward to
> their help along with all the other developers, as we work towards a
> 1.6 release release this year.
> As always, while their is a need for some individuals to lead the
> project, we encourage contributions from all levels of expertise to
> improve the code, documentation, and tutorials of the project.
> We plan to discuss the progress of the toolkit at this year's
> Bioinformatics Open Source Conference held in Vienna, Austria in
> conjunction with the SIG meetings at ISMB.   We are trying to use
> BOSC 2007 as a chance for the developers of Open Bioinformatics
> Foundation sponsored and related projects to coordinate future
> development and release cycles.
> Jason Stajich on behalf of the Core developers
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