[Bioperl-announce-l] BioPerl leadership additions

Jason Stajich jason at bioperl.org
Mon Feb 26 19:13:00 UTC 2007

Dear BioPerl Users and Developers,

I want to announce a addition in the leadership of BioPerl.   
Christopher Fields and and Sendu Bala are now members of the BioPerl  
Core developer group to recognize their ongoing leadership in the  
project.  Chris and Sendu were instrumental in the 1.5.2 Developer  
release and have made a significant commitment and contribution to  
the quality of the code and the documentation of the project.  We  
have invited them to be part of the core to recognize their work and  
to feel comfortable to ask them to do more. ;-)

The Core group was established to insure that someone was responsible  
for making code releases, vetting new developers for CVS write  
accounts, and generally dealing with things that might otherwise slip  
through the cracks.  We are very excited to have more people  
contributing to and maintaining the toolkit.  We look forward to  
their help along with all the other developers, as we work towards a  
1.6 release release this year.

As always, while their is a need for some individuals to lead the  
project, we encourage contributions from all levels of expertise to  
improve the code, documentation, and tutorials of the project.

We plan to discuss the progress of the toolkit at this year's  
Bioinformatics Open Source Conference held in Vienna, Austria in  
conjunction with the SIG meetings at ISMB.   We are trying to use  
BOSC 2007 as a chance for the developers of Open Bioinformatics  
Foundation sponsored and related projects to coordinate future  
development and release cycles.

Jason Stajich on behalf of the Core developers

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