[Bioperl-announce-l] new mailing list server

Jason Stajich jason.stajich at duke.edu
Tue Jan 24 21:44:34 UTC 2006

Chris Dagdigian has switched our mailing lists over to a new server  
to upgrade us to newer hardware.  In the switch the default mailing  
list the server name is 'lists.open-bio.org' instead of 'portal.open- 
bio.org'.  That should be the only change you should notice at the  
bottom of your mails.  All mail should get delivered to any of those  
addresses (although @bioperl.org is preferred).

We hope this changeover will help improve the performance and  
scalability of our mail and webservices.

We also will aim to move the developer read-write CVS server to a new  
machine in the coming weeks.  We hope this will only be a minor  
inconvenience but will allow us to move to a more recent operating  
system and larger disk space.

If you have questions or concerns they can be directed to support AT  
Jason Stajich
Duke University

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