[Bioperl-announce-l] 1.2.1 released

Ewan Birney birney at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Mar 31 15:36:51 EST 2003

  1.2.1 Release of Bioperl

  I am pleased to announce the release of Bioperl 1.2.1, a stable release
on the 1.2 series. This release only has bug fixes and conservative
changes (see below) and should work as an upgrade to 1.2 installations.
1.2.1 has been extensively tested prior to release. However, we do
recommend that people in a production environment test the 1.2.1 release
before switching over, as with any other piece of software, and there is
no driving need to upgrade to 1.2.1 from 1.2 if 1.2 is working for you 

  The release is available at


  and is propagating around CPAN now.

  The main bug fixes in this release are:

    - inclusion of WrapperBase, making StandAloneBlast work from the 
    - fixes and cleanup of Bio::Coordinate

    - fixes to Bio::Index::EMBL and bpindex

  The 1.2.1 release does see some major additions in the Ontology area. 
These were not present in the 1.2 release, so nothing should break. The 
inclusion of these modules into the stable branch (something which 
normally should not happen) was specifically so that the bioperl-db 
project, the bioperl bindings of the cross-language BioSQL project can
be targetted to work with the 1.2 stable series, rather than the 
development releases. We (the core) believe that this was the best 
solution, encouraging a stable release of bioperl-db (due out I suspect in 
a month or so - Hilmar Lapp is the driver for this).

  As always, the release was herded out by the Bioperl developers. Special 
mention goes to both Jason Stajich and Heikki Lehvaslaiho for their bug 
fixing and tweaking, and to Hilmar Lapp for the ontology modules.


  Ewan Birney, on behalf of the bioperl developers.

Ewan Birney. Mobile: +44 (0)7970 151230, Work: +44 1223 494420
<birney at ebi.ac.uk>. 

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