[Bioperl-announce-l] an extension to Bio::SeqIO

Peili Zhang peili at morgan.harvard.edu
Tue Jun 17 12:49:54 EDT 2003


here at FlyBase, we implement chado database schema to store sequence,
annotation, genetic, controlled vocabulary, publication and other types
of data (for detailed information about chado schema, please visit
http://www.gmod.org and read the schema documentations and scripts in
its CVS).  we have developed tools to dump FlyBase data into chadoxml
and load data in chadoxml format into FlyBase (for chadoxml dtd, please
to facilitate data communication among the different sites of FlyBase
and between FlyBase and the rest of the world. need arises for a tool to
convert external data in other formats into chadoxml. I'm coding a perl
module chadoxml.pm to write out a Bio::Seq object into chadoxml. we'd
like to get your feedback on whether it's useful to add this module into
bioperl as an extension to the Bio::SeqIO package. if you already have
working code for the same purpose, maybe we can discuss how to merge our
code to produce a better version.

thanks for your input.

Peili Zhang

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