[Bioperl-announce-l] bioperl reference

Jason Stajich jason@cgt.mc.duke.edu
Sat, 5 Oct 2002 09:51:36 -0400 (EDT)

I'm happy to say that 2 papers appearing in this month's Genome Research
which focus on OBF related projects including the Bioperl project and
Lincoln's GBrowse.

Many thanks to all in the community which provided feedback in both the
toolkit development and the writing process.

Lincoln D. Stein, Christopher Mungall, ShengQiang Shu, Michael Caudy,
Marco Mangone, Allen Day, Elizabeth Nickerson, Jason E. Stajich, Todd W.
Harris, Adrian Arva, and Suzanna Lewis. The Generic Genome Browser:
A Building Block for a Model Organism System Database. (2002)
Genome Res. 2002 12(10): 1599-1610.

Jason E. Stajich, David Block, Kris Boulez, Steven E. Brenner, Stephen A.
Chervitz, Chris Dagdigian, Georg Fuellen, James G.R. Gilbert, Ian Korf,
Hilmar Lapp, Heikki Lehväslaiho, Chad Matsalla, Chris J. Mungall, Brian I.
Osborne, Matthew R. Pocock, Peter Schattner, Martin Senger, Lincoln D.
Stein, Elia Stupka, Mark D. Wilkinson, and Ewan Birney. The Bioperl
Toolkit: Perl Modules for the Life Sciences. (2002)
Genome Res. 2002 12(10): 1611-1618.

Jason Stajich
Duke University
jason at cgt.mc.duke.edu