[Bioperl-announce-l] Bioperl 0.7.1

Ewan Birney birney@ebi.ac.uk
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 16:06:55 +0100 (BST)

I am pleased to announce the 0.7.1 release of Bioperl. This is a bug fix
release of bioperl improving on a number of minor (but still annoying)
problems in 0.7. I have attached the Changes file below. 

I have uploaded the file to CPAN. It is also available at the usual place




The core group (jason, hilmar, heikki, chris and myself) are planning on
producing an "unstable" 0.9 release from the main trunk over the summer to
encourage development towards a final 1.0 release of bioperl at the end of
this year. The plans are likely to solidify at BOSC.

This release was lead by Jason "boy wonder" Stajich from Duke University.  
He was helped by some newcomers to the bioperl developers, namely Roger
Hall and Nicolas Joly (welcome!). The usual suspects of Hilmar Lapp, Ewan
Birney, Chris Dagdigian, Kris Boulez, Peter Schattner, Elia Stupka, Heikki
Lehvaslaiho, David Block and Mark Wilkinson all helped with code and/or
code review/ideas/bugs.

I'm looking forward to seeing many of you at BOSC.

Ewan, on behalf of the Bioperl developers.

0.7.1 Bug fix release 

    o Better parsing of genbank/EMBL files especially fixing bugs
      related to Feature table parsing and locations on remote
      sequences.  Additionally, species name parsing was better.

    o Bio::SeqIO::genbank can parse now NCBI produced genbank database
      which include a number of header lines.

    o More strict genbank and EMBL format writing (corrected number of
      spaces where appropriate).

    o Bio::Tools::BPlite can better parse BLASTX reports - see BUGS
      for related BPlite BUGS that are unresolved in this release.
    o Bio::DB::GenBank, Bio::DB::GenPept have less problems
      downloading sequences from NCBI via HTTP.  Bio::DB::SwissProt can
      use expasy mirrors or EBI dbfetch cgi-script.

    o A moderate number of documentation improvements were made as
      well to provide a better code synopsis in each module.

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