[Bioperl-announce-l] Call for submission of scripts

Jason Stajich jason@chg.mc.duke.edu
Fri, 3 Aug 2001 10:48:16 -0400 (EDT)

The Bioperl project is entering a new phase.  We are preparing for a 1.0
release at the end of 2001 which we expect to be a very stable and
approachable toolkit for bioinformatics programming in perl.

To meet our goal of a usuable toolkit we'd like to have more scripts
available to new users both as examples and real utilities.

To this end we are opening a period of submission for scripts which serve
a useful purpose in life science research.  We ask all interested parties
to submit their scripts to a central repository.  We (bioperl-core) will
then collect all of the submissions and attempt to categorize them.  
Developers will be able to sign-up for scripts which they would like to
help with and rewrite them using bioperl objects, or import them as-is
into the bioperl system, giving credit to the original author at all

This project will assist bioperl in meeting the needs of more people,
provide an entry point for people wanting to contribute to bioperl, and
give new users examples of working code they can use without learning the
whole bioperl object system.

Scripts that are substantially different from current bioperl objects and
serve a needed purpose may be reincarnated as a bioperl module if a
developer has the necessary time and expertise.
So this is an open invitation to submit any and all of your scripts you
think would be useful to people outside of your group.  We will attempt to
prioritize and categorize them so please provide an adequate description
as well as a contact email address in the space provided.  This being an
open-source project an contributed and modified code will be redistributed
under the Perl Artistic License as part of the bioperl releases if there
are Licensing issues we will do our best to help resolve them.

I would like to emphasize that ANY perl scripts are welcomed - you do not
need to spend 2 days "cleaning them up" for suitable presentation.  That
being said documented code will have a greater chance of being useful if
a developer can determine what is going on.  

This is your chance to utilize the bioperl developers to adapt your code
to bioperl objects and our chance to provide scripts and a toolkit that
is useful to more people.

The submission site is:

Thanks for you help.
Jason Stajich
on behalf of the Bioperl developers.