Bioperl/ANNOUNCE Bioperl: Central distribution 0.05

Steve Chervitz (Steve A. Chervitz)
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 15:06:25 -0700 (PDT)

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The next major release of the central distribution is now available
(version 0.05). The complete list of changes is included at the end of
this message. There are a number of overall design & engineering
improvements. Highlights include:

  * Improved Blast parsing and support for network Blasting.
  * Access to local and remote databases.
  * New, extensible sequence format parsing architecture.
  * Beginnings of a script repository.
  * More extensive test suite.

Perl version 5.004 or later is stongly recommended
Bioperl release website:

Download directly:  (0.8M)     (1.0M)

or from Stanford:


Steve A. Chervitz (on behalf of the Bioperl developers)
Bioperl Coordinator

Revision history for Bioperl core modules (from the Changes file)

0.05  Sun Apr 25 01:14:11 1999
        - Bio::Tools::Blast modules have less memory problems
          and faster parsing. Webblast uses LWP and supports
          more functionality. See Bio/Tools/Blast/CHANGES for more.
        - The Bio::SeqIO system has been started, moving the
          sequence reformatting code out of the sequence object
        - The Bio::Index:: system has been started, providing
          generic index capabilities and specifically works for
          Fasta formatted databases and EMBL .dat formatted 
        - The Bio::DB:: system started, providing access to 
          databases, both via flat file + index (see above) and
          via http to NCBI
        - The scripts/ directory, where industrial strength scripts
          are put has been started.
        - Many changes - a better distribution all round.

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