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Steve Chervitz (Bioperl Discussion list)
Thu, 10 Dec 1998 11:37:33 -0800 (PST)

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          Announcing the first official release of the
                  Bioperl central distribution: 

This is the first coordinated release of the public domain Perl
modules for computational biology being co-developed under the banner
of the Bioperl Project:

Some highlights of this distribution:

   * Includes Ewan Birney's Bio/Compile/SW package containing
     XS-linked C code for creating sequence alignments using the
     Smith-Waterman dynamic programming algorithm from within Perl.

   * Incorporates the latest version of Steve Chervitz's Blast 
     module distribution for parsing/running/analyzing Blast reports.

   * Includes Georg Fuellen's for multiple alignment
     object and Chris Dagdigian's core object.

   * Expanded set of example scripts for all included modules.

   * Detailed documentation for all included modules.
More about the Bioperl project can be found at the recently updated website, which has some new features as well.

Comments and discussion about this distribution should be directed at
the Bioperl discussion list:

On behalf of the Bioperl developers,

Steve A. Chervitz
Bioperl Coordinator

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