[Biojava-l] OBF mailman server problems - BioJava mailing lists?

Peter Cock p.j.a.cock at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 13 16:49:42 UTC 2017

Hello Andreas & the BioJava team,

CC: OBF Board

I would be happy to have this discussion on the public BioJava
mailing list, but it is not working properly right now.

As you may have noticed, the OBF hosted mailman server
is having problems:


We are looking at moving the active mailing lists to a paid
hosted service instead. Currently there are two BioJava
lists [*].

Would you be happy with a single BioJava list in future?

Thank you,


(Speaking here as a representative of the OBF Board;
for Biopython I am proposing moving to a single list only -
most of our development discussion is now on GitHub)


[*] There are two BioJava lists, neither very active:

Seems to average a few emails per month in 2017

Seems to average a few emails per month in 2017, plus a
few spam per month - everything from tony.attwood at ntlworld.com,
signed up as Tony Attwood - I have unsubscribed them.

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