[Biojava-l] New BioJava Logo

Andreas Prlic andreas at sdsc.edu
Sat Jul 9 20:00:03 UTC 2016

We are happy to announce the winner of the new biojava logo competition!

We had 13 submissions by 4 different "designers".

The three top ranking designs were all created by Aleix Latifa (ETH Zurich
/ Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland).

The winner is https://github.com/biojava/logo

Honorary mention goes to Jose Duarte, who suggested this specific variation
of the design.

Another version of this design is also top ranking https://github.com/

This variation can be used together with the winning design if a single
color version of the logo is needed.

All accepted submissions are listed here https://github.com/biojava/logo

Thanks to all participants who made the effort to prepare a submission and
congratulations again to Aleix, for creating the new BioJava logo. He will
receive a free t-shirt with the new logo and we will find a way of getting
him invited for dinner, since he is not attending ISMB this year.

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