[Biojava-l] Working with mmCIF files

Phelelani Mpangase pmpangase at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 08:11:26 UTC 2013


I am new to the Java progrmming language, and I am currently working on a
project where I have to find information about a protein structure from the
mmCIF file. I would like to extract information about non-polymers in
structures (_pdbx_entity_nonpoly table) using BioJava. How do I go about
achieving this?

I have been able to parse the structure using the SimpleMMcifConsumer, but
I am unclear as to the steps I need to follow from there. Is the
PdbxEntityNonPoly the right class to use? How do I use this class to
achieve to get the data from the "_pdbx_entity_nonpoly"?


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