[Biojava-l] Status of org.biojava3.data.sequence.SequenceUtil ?

Peter Troshin p.v.troshin at dundee.ac.uk
Wed Oct 19 15:13:44 UTC 2011

Hi Jon,

This class is a part of protein disorder prediction JAR and a recent 
addition to BioJava. You are welcome to use if it suits your needs.
Bear in mid though that the FASTA file reader from this class reads the 
content of the whole FASTA file at once, i.e. if you are working with 
large FASTA files you will want to use something else instead. I've got 
a Stream based FASTA reader if you need one and if there is not one in 
BioJava already.
I would imagine the functionality from this class is not going to 
disappear overnight, but it may and perhaps should be merged with other 
FASTA parsers in BioJava once somebody have time to do this.


On 19/10/2011 12:15, jvb at cs.nott.ac.uk wrote:
> Hello,
> I can't find a jar containing org.biojava3.data.sequence.SequenceUtil, 
> even though it appears in the JavaDocs: 
> http://www.biojava.org/docs/api/org/biojava3/data/sequence/SequenceUtil.html
> What is it's status? Can I get it, and should it rely on it if I can?
> Thanks,
> Jon
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