[Biojava-l] BioJava at ISMB, BOSC, and 3D SIG

Andreas Prlic andreas at sdsc.edu
Sun Jul 4 01:55:36 UTC 2010


Next week the BOSC and ISMB conferences will be in Boston. There will be a
couple of opportunities to meet BioJava related people, even if we won't
have a BioJava specific talk at BOSC this time.  The week will start with
the Codefest in the days before BOSC. I have not heard too much about that,
so perhaps one of the people who are going there can give us an update about
what the plans are?   At BOSC, there will be a talk from Jianjiong Gao, who
is also on of our Google summer of code students. He will be present about
general and kinase specific phosphorylation sites (with Musite). I will give
a talk at 3D-SIG about structure alignments (using BioJava). Any other
BioJava related events that are planned?

Is anybody planning to blog or twitter about the conferences ? If people are
interested in a meetup in Boston, drop me a mail and we'll  arrange


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