[Biojava-l] Issues with taxon table not having taxon_id and ncbi_id equal under biosql schema

Deepak sheoran sheoran143 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 03:50:34 UTC 2009

I am new to biojava, and made few application with biojava, I trying to
make a database which can update itself with NCBI and only remain behind
by a day only, I am almost successfully with this task but only problem
i facing is when I run my genbank loader program to upload genbank file
to biosql database with a updated taxon table, biojava insert a taxon_id
(ie. taxon_id != ncib_taxon_id) in taxon table,  if their is any record
in file  which don't have it ncbi_taxon_id in taxon table (becuase that
taxon is being replaced by some other in ncbi update), then biojava
insert a record in taxon table such that taxon_id is some random
sequence and ncbi_taxon_id is the dbxref field from file, my problem is
that they are not equale,  is their any way to force hibernate or
richsequence to put record such that taxon_id and ncbi_taxon_id are
equale in table.


Deepak Sheoran
North Dakota State University

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