[Biojava-l] SAX, DOM, XPath and Flat files

Andy Yates ayates at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Nov 30 09:18:45 UTC 2007

Michael Heuer wrote:
> Mark Schreiber wrote:
>> Java 5 SDK has both SAX and DOM as standard. I think it has XPath but
>> not XQuery although XPath is probably more important for this use.
>> The DOM model is a direct implementation of the W3C standard which
>> makes it a little awkward from a java point of view but it is usable.
>> Java 6 has StAX (the other one).
> Yeah, those jerks.  :)
> I wrote a note to the spec author a few weeks before "the other" StAX was
> announced at a Java One however long ago asking them to reconsider their
> project name.
> Oh well.  We can still be the "original" StAX.
>> http://stax.sf.net

Yup I remember that issue from BOSC 2005 ... oh well not a lot that can 
be done now. Maybe a re-brand of our StAX to StAX Original. Bit like the 
Coca Cola & New Coke mess-up.

> May I kindly suggest skipping all of this talk about XML and have us
> jump straight to OWL?  ;)
>> http://dev.isb-sib.ch/projects/uniprot-rdf/

Lol just let me fire up my semantic web engine first :).

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