[Biojava-l] error: Program ncbi-blastn Version 2.2.17 is not supported

Andy Yates ayates at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Nov 27 11:11:30 UTC 2007

What format options are there from blast? Just thinking if it supports 
CIGAR or something like that are we better providing a parser for that 
format & saying that we do not support the traditional blast output? 
That said it doesn't help is when that format changes so maybe what is 
needed is a way to push out parser changes without requiring a full 
biojava release (v3 discussion) ...


Richard Holland wrote:
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>> we had a couple of questions and feature requests recently regarding  
>> the blast parser, so I wonder if we should
>> have a look at how to make it (and the documentation) better also  
>> during the V3 discussion...
> A rethink of the blast parser is definitely a good idea. It's starting
> to need more work than before as the various subtly different file
> formats used by the most recent versions and variants of blast have
> evolved beyond the tolerance limits of the existing parser. It also
> needs to be made simpler to use.
> cheers,
> Richard
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