[Biojava-l] Another Project Contributor?

T. Thomas Cheng cheng at tomcheng.com
Tue May 22 02:31:59 UTC 2007

Hi all--

I'm a software developer looking to break into bioinformatics, and (like 
Jeff, who posted a couple of weeks ago) I'm interested in joining an 
open source project to expand my horizons and apply what I've learned. 
My undergrad degree is in molecular biology, but I've spent the past 
decade doing more general software development work (and have an MS in 
comp sci), so I think I'm probably stronger on the software side, but 
I'd love to start flexing the bio muscles again. I think updating the 
Cookbook would be right up my alley for now, so I might jump in and take 
a look at that, if no one objects.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to just say hello and introduce myself. I look 
forward to getting more involved in the project and getting to know you all!
T. Thomas Cheng
cheng at tomcheng.com

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