[Biojava-l] status update SVN migration

Andreas Prlic ap3 at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Dec 6 10:33:17 UTC 2007


a quick status update of the CVS to SVN migration for BioJava:

George Hartzell, created the first svn dumps for the CVS repository.
I am running tests on these to make sure the whole repository has been
exported correctly. For details please see here:


A few minor problems have been found during this. As soon as these  
have been resolved
we will be ready to make the final migration.

In order to speed the migration process up,  please commit any  
uncommitted changes to CVS in the next couple of days.

Once the tests are finished I will send another notification email  
which will declare a CVS freeze a few days after.
After this freeze CVS will remain frozen forever and all new  
development should happen in SVN.
There will also be a new BioJava release at that point.



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