[Biojava-l] BioSQL -> BioJava Hibernate -> RichSequence access to primary keys

Seth Johnson johnson.biotech at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 22:31:00 UTC 2006

Hello guys,

I've setup a BioSQL to hold sequences of interest parsed from NCBI
genbank release.  I also have another proprietary schema that holds
experimental and alignment data.  I would like to connect the
proprietary schema to BioSQL one using Hibernate persistence, so that
objects from my database would contain linkages to sequence data in
biosql.  Wiki mentions that one need change "only the mapping files
that tell Hibernate how to translate between objects and tables."  Can
anyone elaborate on that topic a little or point me to a tutorial or
some other place that discusses the concept?

Best Regards,

Seth Johnson
Senior Bioinformatics Associate

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