[Biojava-l] Reg. Integrated Server / CGI to pass PDB to multiple Servers

Shameer Khadar shameer at ncbs.res.in
Mon May 29 10:07:52 UTC 2006

Dear All,

My query may not be directly related to BioPERL, But am sure I will get
some idea to move on. Some possibilities wil be available from Pise or
related modules

Query :
We have several public servers(say a,b,c). All of them will take a
pdb-file as an input and process it and displays it. Now, I need to create
a web page(a meta-server/integrated web-server) with three radio
buttons(a,b,c) and a single input form(to accept pdb file from the users
...:( - File passing as an argument seems to be some what impossible). I
need output as 3 links in next page.

Is there any Bio-PERL module / CGI / Perl tricks to do it ?

Thanks in advance,
Shameer Khadar
Prof. R. Sowdhamini's Lab (# 25) The Computational Biology Group
National Centre for Biological Sciences (TIFR)
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