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Hi -

To get a Distribution[] over an alignment you could use 
DistributionTools.distOverAlignment(a) or one of the other overloaded 

To get a consensus you could simply find the most frequent Symbol in each 
Distribution. To make a more sophisticated consensus you could have 
thresholds below which you would report an ambiguity.

eg if:

a = 0.50
t = 0.40
c = 0.0
g = 1.0

Your routine would need to decide if the consensus should be 'a' or 'w' or 
the IUPAC symbol for [atg] which I cannot remember. You would probably use 
some sort of cutoff value. It might be a routine like this:

public SymbolList consensus(Alignment a, double threshold){

It might be a method that others find useful so please post it back to the 

Hope this helps,

- Mark

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I was wondering if there were any methods for generating a consensus
sequence for alignments? Or any suggestions for calculating the frequency 
symbols at each position in an alignment.
I had a look at the DistributionTools after seeing a past e-mail to the 
but couldn't figure if this would do the job as I'm new to Java.
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