[Biojava-l] Help needed for a GUI

Richard Holland richard.holland at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Jul 24 08:27:58 UTC 2006

Google Scholar won't be much help with any programming problems as it
only catalogs published papers, of which there are not many which
discuss Biojava, and even less which include sample code. You're better
off searching vanilla-Google, which gives lots of hits if you search for
"biojava alignment viewer".

Most of the hits Google returns will be to the BioJava mailing list
archive. Here is a thread from that archive that discusses exactly what
you ask:



On Sun, 2006-07-23 at 17:02 -0500, Ramya Raghukumar wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new to BioJava and am exploring its features. I am planning to build a
> simple editor for alignments(something like a wordpad, but to handle
> alignments).Does Biojava support this? Could someone please show me some
> pointers for this?
> I did search in "Google Scholar" for hints, but could not find any. Also I
> tried to display an alignment on a GUI, but did not succeed.
> Any suggestions would be of help.
> Thanks for the time,
> ramya
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