[Biojava-l] DAS questions

Richard HOLLAND hollandr at gis.a-star.edu.sg
Mon Nov 28 21:04:19 EST 2005

If it's any help, you can see what IDs the DAS source is providing by
doing this:

	// construct your DASSequenceDB (dasDB) object as you did before
	Set ids = dasDB.ids();

	// Does the set contain Q12345?
	if (ids.contains("Q12345")) {
		System.out.println("Yes, it does!");
	} else {
		System.out.println("No, it doesn't!");

	// Iterate through the set and print them all out
	for (Iterator i = ids.iterator(); i.hasNext(); ) {

Hopefully you will be able to find out whats going on by investigating
the contents of this set.


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> Hi,
> Experimenting with the DAS client to retrieve proteins from uniprot I
> have a few questions:
> dbURL = new 
> URL("http://www.ebi.ac.uk/das-srv/uniprot/das/aristotle/");
> String seqName="Q12345";
> DASSequenceDB dasDB = new DASSequenceDB(dbURL);
> DASSequence dasSeq = (DASSequence) dasDB.getSequence(seqName);
> gives the error:
> org.biojava.bio.seq.db.IllegalIDException: Database does not contain
> Q12345 as a top-level sequence
> but with a browser issuing
> http://www.ebi.ac.uk/das-srv/uniprot/das/aristotle/sequence?se
yields the result I am looking for.

I assume I am not using DASSequenceDB and DASSequence correctly. I have
not found any JUnit tests so I have no reference code. Could someone
please assist?

On a general basis: Is the DAS client in BioJava mature? Can it handle
all the major DAS-servers for proteins/genes?



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