[Biojava-l] Announcement: Bioclipse

Ola Spjuth ola.spjuth at farmbio.uu.se
Mon Nov 21 17:09:12 EST 2005

I would hereby like to announce the development of a new project
entitled Bioclipse[1], aimed at creating a Java-based, open source,
visual platform for chemo- and bioinformatics based on the Eclipse Rich
Client Platform (RCP).

Bioclipse will provide functionality for chemo- and bioinformatics
together with extension points that can easily be extended by plugins to
provide added functionality. Version 1.0 of Bioclipse will consist of a
CDK-plugin based on CDK[2] to provide a chemoinformatic backend, a
JChemPaint-plugin based on JChemPaint[3] for 2D-editing of molecules, a
Jmol-plugin based on Jmol[4] for 3D-visualization, and a BioJava-plugin
based on BioJava[5] to account for sequence management. The goal is to
create a fully integrated workbench with advanced editing and
visualization features for molecules and sequences.

Bioclipse will be released under Eclipse Public License (EPL), setting
no constraints on choice of backend and/or license for third party
extensions; it is totally open for both open source plugins as well as

Please visit http://www.bioclipse.net for screenshots and more extensive
documentation. Note that version 0.1.1 that is available for download is
only for demonstration purposes and is in no way a functional release.
On the homepage you can also sign up for one of the mailing-lists to
stay updated on the project.

If you would like to contribute (maybe you have some
algorithm/code/existing app that you would like to integrate or would
like to become a developer) please introduce yourself on the mailinglist
bioclipse-devel. There will soon be docs on the Bioclipse homepage on
how to create your own plugins, and how to integrate existing
applications into the framework. 

   .../Ola Spjuth

[1] http://www.bioclipse.net
[2] http://almost.cubic.uni-koeln.de/cdk
[3] http://almost.cubic.uni-koeln.de/cdk/jcp
[4] http://jmol.org/
[5] http://www.biojava.org/

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