[Biojava-l] biojava workshop

Matthew Pocock matthew.pocock at ncl.ac.uk
Fri Nov 18 06:49:36 EST 2005


We are going to apply to one of the research councils for some BioJava 
funding. There are now some grants available for supporting tools that 
support research. The plan would be to apply for:

Funding for a workshop:

Bring together people who use and develop BioJava (and other Bio* projects, if 
relevant) to discuss:
  * what they use BioJava for
  * the things it is good for
  * any things that could be improved

This will result in a jointly authored BioJava paper discussing what we have 
learned and where we are going next.

Funding for full-time biojava developers:

We would be looking for two people. One post would concentrate on the core 
coding, and one to work on documentation, the biojava-in-anger and useful 
example applications. Depending on what came out of the workshop, the thrust 
of the developer time may well go into adding support for post-genomics, 
metabolomics and the rest.

It would be realy helpful if people could let me know if you are interested in 
any of this. In particular, letters of support for BioJava would be awesome. 
Let me know if you woud like to attend the workshop, or have strong views 
about the future direction of biojava.


Matthew Pocock

West Suite, 8th Floor
Claremont Tower
School of Computing Science
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
NE1 7RU, United Kingdom

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