[Biojava-l] mouse selection of sequences possible?

Kalle Näslund kalle.naslund at genpat.uu.se
Thu May 12 07:11:39 EDT 2005

Fuchs, Mathias wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>i am new to biojava and i am currently investigating suitable resources that
>i could use for an upcomming project in the pharmaceutical industry. I made
>some test implemantations with biojava and i think i will use it (or parts
>of it).
>I have played around with some renderers but could't find out if there is a
>way to select (and highlight) a part of a sequence with the mouse and use
>the selected part for further computing.
>Is there a simple way to use mouse selecting of sequences or do i have to
>write my own display for that purpose?
>Thanks in advance to everyone
>Mathias Fuchs


I dont think there is any existing classes that do what you want in 
biojava. But, i have hacked togheter
some code that does approximately what you describe.

Im doing this by using a LayeredRenderer that has two layers. The top 
layer holds the normal renderers
that do the actual sequence visualisation. The layer under has a 
renderer that renders a given location
in colored blocks. This gives the impression that you have marked some 

Then you just create some mouse listeners that listens for mouse events 
that are to be interpreted as
selection actions and sets the location to be rendered appropriately in 
the bottom layer.

Hacking this togheter shouldnt be that hard, on the other hand, if you 
trust my code ( its pretty hackish )
im willing to share it with you, either as GPL or LGPL licenced code.

kind regards Kalle Näslund

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