[Biojava-l] NPE from FlatModel.<init> with SimpleModelInState

fabian schreiber fab.schreiber at gmx.de
Wed May 4 05:27:44 EDT 2005

This thread appeared about a year ago, but
there was no response to it.
Is there any now?
I'm currently working on a complex HMM with
several SimpleModelInStates.
When i try to call
DP dp=DPFactory.DEFAULT.createDP(outer_Hmm)
, where outer_Hmm is the HMM,
I get the following message:
	at org.biojava.bio.dp.FlatModel.<init>(FlatModel.java:232)
	at org.biojava.bio.dp.DP.flatView(DP.java:96)
	at org.biojava.bio.dp.DPFactory$DefaultFactory.createDP(DPFactory.java:51)
	at start.main(start.java:103)
Can someone help me or give me some advice?
Or is it just a bug and i have to solve the problem
Thanks a lot!


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