[Biojava-l] Parse with HSPHandler ??

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What is it that you want from the BLAST record that you are not getting?

- Mark

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Hi everybody...

I try to understand how Biojava works and I have a lot of problem...
Maybe because I'm new in Java and Biojava....

I have files from blast programs of NCBI....
I can get them in text or XML format....
But, my wish is to keep just the aligments sequences and the name of
the protein of each sequence...

I tried to use HspHandler class and the example "BlastParser", given by
Mark Schreiber, but I haven't what I want...And I don't know anymore
how I can do...

If it's not clear, I can try to better explain...Ask me....
(Because I'm French and not very good in English...;);) )

Thank you for any answer..




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