Bio Java (was: Re: [Biojava-l] Re: [BioSQL-l] How to add a feature?)

Martina boehme at
Mon Jun 6 05:34:50 EDT 2005

Sorry - I didn't mean you personally! Because it is quite hard for me
to figure out how things are working just from the api and the
sources, I assumed it would be similar for others starting with
BioJava/BioSQL. There must be some working code around somewhere which
could be donated? Please do :-) It would increase the popularity of
BioJava/BioSQL, which it deserved, I would think.


mark.schreiber at wrote:

>>There must be a simpler way? BioJava In Anger is rather 
>>sparse on things like that, I could do with a lot more examples ..
> All donations of examples are gratefully received. As you say it could do 
> with more examples but hey, I'm only one man, with a day job that is 
> rapidly turning into a night job too : )
> - Mark

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