[Biojava-l] Newbie Installation Question

Richard HOLLAND hollandr at gis.a-star.edu.sg
Sun Aug 21 21:38:15 EDT 2005

You just have to download the jar files from
http://www.biojava.org/download14.html . There's no such thing as
'installing' it really - just download the jar files, then make sure
they're on your classpath (or set them up as a library in your IDE).

If Internet Explorer is renaming or doing stuff behind the scenes to the
jar files when you download them, try using Firefox (I haven't used IE
for so long I can't remember how to fix that particular problem).


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> Hi,
> I'm new to Java, new to biojava.  I tried to install biojava, but
> instead of .jar files winding up in my Windows directory, I get .zip
> files.  When I expand them, I get folders META-INF and org, which I
> suspect are really supposed to be in the .jar file.  I tried renaming
> .zip to .jar, but Eclipse wasn't happy with it.  Could someone please
> pass along really simple instructions?  Sorry for the bother.
> Peace,
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