[Biojava-l] LabelledSequenceRenderer does not work with TranslatedSequenceRenderer, Newbie

Maximilian Haeussler max_dipl at web.de
Thu Mar 25 10:22:02 EST 2004

Hallo everyone,

I am pretty new to biojava. Can anyone give me a hint why the 
LabelledSequenceRenderer works fine for the SequenceRenderer, but not 
with the TranslatedSequenceRenderer? I've modified FastBeadDemo and 
BeadDemo to include labels. BeadDemo works fine but not the translated 
one. What is so different about the TranslatedSequenceRenderer that 
prohibits painting into the trailing space of the sequence?

Another question, this time a rather stupid one: How can I get rid of 
those "Originally:"/"Now:"-messages of the demos? I can't find the 
message anywhere, neither in biojava nor in the demo directory...


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