[Biojava-l] DistributionLogo help

xjw2101 at columbia.edu xjw2101 at columbia.edu
Tue Jun 29 14:09:00 EDT 2004

Thanks, that I found out later it's my mistake that I use Component 
object to represent the logo. Seems to work now but there still is 
a problem-- the height of the logos displayed seems to be only 1/2 
of the space I provided to them on the panel. Change the dimension 
of the logo dosen't help. Any thoughts?


>On 29 Jun 2004, at 15:49, xjw2101 at columbia.edu wrote:

> Thomas,
> Seems the version is different from mine. In my version
> DistributionLogo is extension of Component and there are no
> setRenderingHints(hints) or setPreferedSize() methods.

>Hmmm, do you know what version of BioJava you're using?  Those 
>have been there since at least 1.3.0.

>I'd suggest upgrading to either a 1.3.x release or (probably a 
>idea) 1.4pre1.

>(Obviously, there's no problem removing the call to 
>I just included that because the logos look a bit prettier with 
>anti-aliasing turned on).

>       Thomas.

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