[Biojava-l] I get an IndexOutOfBoundsException with visitFilter in WalkerFactory

Benjamin Schuster-Boeckler benjamins at Biomax.de
Fri Jan 9 05:37:47 EST 2004

Benjamin Schuster-Boeckler wrote:

> but from debugging I found out that the error happened while 
> evaluating the "and" method in WalkerFactory.getWalker. In line 299, 
> the getWalker method tries to get as many elements out of the vector 
> "wrappedLVs" as there are parameters to the handler-method, but 
> wrappedLVs only has 1 element, which is null I think. How can this be?! 

Of course, it's generateWalker instead of getWalker!

Best regards, Ben

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