[Biojava-l] Dazzle 1.00 release

Thomas Down td2 at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Apr 1 14:18:58 EST 2004

I've just put out a new release of the Dazzle modular DAS server.  The 
new release features improvements to the plugin API, updates to work 
with the BioJava 1.4 release, and many minor fixes.

You can download either source or a prebuilt web-application skeleton 


If you have the Subversion client available, you can also check it out 


Installation instructions can be found at:


Please not that this release *will not* work with the old ensembl-das 
plugins.  I've been working on a major re-write of the biojava-ensembl 
adaptors, including support for the schema changes in Ensembl release 
20 and some substantially improved DAS plugins.  There should be a 
release sometime next week.  In the mean time, development code is 
available from the Subversion repository at:



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